Problem Experienced: The page number is not saved in the URL when flipping through pages.

At first we thought it was something to do with will_paginate. However, if you take a look at: . You will notice that will_paginate successfully puts the parameters into the URL. It’s not will_paginate; it’s the way we’re using will_paginate.

So now I am looking at where the Rail’s params[] are used. Markus does something differently with params[] compared to the simple website from the railscast. Additionally, I’m looking through all the AJAX calls we make on the submissions page. Finally, I am trying to understand how s_table_paginate is participating in pagination.

On a side note: Mike gave me a nice console script to populate the submissions page for markers. Just run script/console and place paste the following code ( ctrl shift v to paste into a terminal ):

a = Assignment.first
Student.all.each do |student|