1. Click on the checkbox in the 'Did you Complete It?' column to remember the problems you've already finished. This will be saved as long as you do not clear your browser storage.
  2. Click on the column headers to sort by that column.
  1. Recently Google Kickstart started putting 3 test cases for the harder problems. I treat the hardest test case as if it's Test Case 2 in the table for now.
  2. Anything else wrong? Please file it on Github Issues or put together a Pull Request.

Unfortunately, Google KickStart does not provide an easy way to see all the problems you have finished. You have to check the problems one by one. Also they do not provide an easy way to see stats about all the problem on a single page. You have to check the stats contest by contest. Finally, their API is extremely inconvenient to extract data from. You will need to reverse engineer the API responses. As a result, I put together this page to help track the problems you completed and to give an idea which problems are harder.